BALLET - The basic foundation of all dance. It is one of the most graceful of all art forms. These classes build strength, coordination, flexibility. and discipline. Ballet terminology is taught along with proper body placement. In these classes a technical foundation is layed to begin a pathway to a beautiful dancer and performer.


POINTE - This is ballet on your toes. It is a more advanced form of ballet. Pointe uses Pointe shoes which are ballet shoes with wooden boxes in the toes. Instructor approval is required to join the class. These classes are for ages 12 and above with a minumum of two years previous ballet experience.


JAZZ - One of the most FUN and exciting art forms. Jazz can range from broadway style, to a more contemporary style. These classes incorporate stretching, turning, leaps, and jumps. They are great for students who love to move and express themselves.


TAP - Tap is making rhythmic sounds with your feet. We like to refer to your feet as the "drumstick" and the dance floor as your "drum". These classes teach our students rhythym, coordination, and creativity. From Vaudville style hoofing to Broadway style, our teachers show our students the many forms of tap.


TU TU'S & TAPS - For ages 3-4 years old, these classes consist of 20 minutes ballet, 20 minutes tap, and 20 minutes tumbling. These classes are designed to keep the attention of our little dancers and also give them a chance to try three different subjects.  Basic ballet, tap, and tumbling technique is taught with creative and fun movement.


K5-1ST GRADE COMBO CLASS - For student who are in Kindergarten or 1st grade.These classes consist of 20 minutes ballet, 20 minutes tap, and 20 minutes of jazz. The class is designed to keep the attention of the student plus allows then to try three different subject. Set up like our Tu Tu's & Taps classes these classes cater to a slightly older dancer and will incoorporate fun and creative techniques along side basic steps to start the foundation for a well rounded dancer.


CONTEMPORARY -  A cross between ballet, jazz, and modern. This form of dance is a highly emotional form where the dancer gets to tell a story with their body. Ballet technique is a must for this class and students must be enrolled in a ballet class to take a contemporary class.


HIP HOP - One of the most energetic forms of dance. Hip hop is a cross between street dance and funk. It is less technical than other forms of dance but is one of the most EXCITING and fun forms to learn.  This form is what one sees in in music videos and music performances. 


POM - Classes that teach the basics of kick lines, jumps, chants and pom dance which is heavily influenced by jazz and hip hop. We strongly suggest pairing this class with a jazz class to help in the dance portion of pom. Techniques will be taught to help your child to be able to try out for junior high, high school, collegiate and professional pom and dance teams.


ACRO/TUMBLING - Wether you want to be a cheerleader or a dance with tumbling moves, our classes are set up to accomplish your goals. these classes teach students the basic fundamentals of acro and tumbling while maintaining safety of our students. Some acro will be taught to help with flexibility and strength. Cartwheels, roundoffs, walkovers, aerials, and back handsprings are just a few things that are covered.  Stretching and strength excercises are an important part of classes and each student will receive individual instruction during class.


BATON TWIRLING -Basic twirling skills are taught by an award winning champion baton twirler. From basic beginning skills all the way to turns, and three baton our instructor can teach it all.  Each student will learn at their own pace along with learning group skills to make a fun and exciting enviroment.


MOMMY & ME - Classrs for ages 2 - 3 years old. A parent is encouraged to participate with our youngest dancers. Students will learn coordination skills, following directions, making new friends plus creative movement to ensure everyone has a fun time in this 30 minute per week class.


LEAPS & TURNS CLASSES - A class that focuses on leaps, leap technique, turns, and turn technique. Excercises that will enhance turns and leaps will be introduced. Jazz, ballet or pom class must be enrolled to be able to participate in this class.